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Sokka’s reaction to baby on We Heart Ithttp://weheartit.com/entry/127382031/via/kiwi_lover99

Zuko and Sokka would be the best uncles ever, honestly. You’ve got your weird sarcastic uncle, and your awkward tea loving uncle. And then they’d get together, and they’re just making jokes back and forth, arguing about whether or not one sword or two is better.
And then there’s Uncle Aang, who’s totally overindulgent and fun, and you’re not really sure who’s babysitting whom. Toph would absolutely be the cool aunt who lets you get away with almost literal murder. She would take you to the places in the city that your parents never let you visit, and she’d probably let you gamble. There’d be no bedtimes.
Katara’s probably the only one who would make the kids stick to a reasonable schedule, but every now and then, she’d let you do something crazy, and the kids would be surprised because they wouldn’t expect her of all people to let them do that.
And this is why I can’t get behind a refusal to let Katara and Zuko have a friendship moment. I’ve made my peace with Zutara never happening in canon, and at this point, I don’t want it. I’ve got my own extensive headcanon for that. What I want is some acknowledgment that this group of kids went through a very powerful experience together. What they shared during the war, the things they’d done and witnessed, the bond they formed… I don’t even care about shipping and romance, I would love to see more of their little family.
Somewhere along the way, this turned into a bit of a rant, because this is also why I don’t like the comics. It’s almost like they didn’t become such close friends and allies, who’d do whatever they could to stay in touch. I can’t ever imagine Zuko and Sokka not sending letters back and forth, I can’t ever imagine Katara checking up on everyone to make sure they’re doing ok. I can’t ever imagine Aang not dropping by because he’s in the neighborhood and making sure his friends still have fun. I can’t ever imagine Toph not visiting people and causing trouble and delivering friendly punches. I can’t imagine them not making a special trip at least once a year to the Jasmine Dragon or the Western Air Temple or Ember Island with all the kids and just reminiscing about old times. I can imagine the budding romance between Lin and Tenzin as they hang out on the beaches of the Fire Lord’s Ember Island beach house.
There will never be a history in my mind, where the Gaang isn’t close like this. There will never be anything less than love and friendship between any of them.


Zutara forever!!

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